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Arms of the Principality of Wales :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 8 0 The Republic of Florida :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 19 3 The United American Provinces :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 64 9 Arms of the United American Provinces :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 11 0 Arms of the Dominion of New England :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 5 0 Arms of the Acadian Federation :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 5 2 American Monarchs, 1783-1913 :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 6 2 Siva-5 (GURPS Infinite Worlds: Lost Worlds) :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 12 4 The Gaucho Federation :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 16 0 Cornwallis (GURPS Alternate Earths 2) :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 6 0 American Knesset :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 1 0 Flag of the San Francisco Bay Area :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 3 2 US Parliamentary Map :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 2 0 The Troubles of New Brunswick :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 5 2 The Five Parties of the US Parliament :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 8 3 Flag of the Sabra Republic :iconkeperry012:Keperry012 3 2


New Holland :iconrobo-diglet:Robo-Diglet 48 14 Flag Dump: AltHistory Welsh Empire :iconthadrummer:ThaDrummer 3 0 Flag of Melayu-Nusantara-Maharlika :iconthadrummer:ThaDrummer 4 0 Flag Dump: AltHistory Galician Protectorate :iconthadrummer:ThaDrummer 3 0 Divided States of America :iconthadrummer:ThaDrummer 185 73 Dawn of a new Europe :iconthadrummer:ThaDrummer 14 5 Venetian Communist Revolution Flag :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 26 22 Andalusian Spain :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 25 25 Irish Republic :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 80 55 Sovreign Republic of Nubia :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 42 87 Kingdom of Labrador :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 75 116 Ukrainian Crisis :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 120 94 Ukrainian Commonwealth :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 139 100 Patagonian Territory :iconsoaringaven:SoaringAven 88 84 Communist Canada :iconupvoteanthology:Upvoteanthology 56 19 MotF 145: Seventeen Eighty-Four :iconupvoteanthology:Upvoteanthology 87 8



Arms of the Principality of Wales
This isn't particularly much of anything, just a coat of arms for an independent(?) Welsh state ruled by the Prince of Wales. The shield is OTL, as are all the supporting elements, I just arranged them fancifully.
The Republic of Florida
In the same timeline as my last map, here's a surviving Spanish Florida. Between Spaniards and other European colonists, Africans (both Spanish slaves and British and French maroons), and of course the native peoples, Florida developed a distinct triracial creole culture and much of the population is of mixed descent. However, it was still dominated by the white elite for most of its history even after independence in 1821, until the Centennial Revolution of 1921 brought into power a left-wing regime. The Populists soon came into conflict with the right-wing regime of neighboring Virginia, culminating in the Virginian Civil War of 1964-1972 in which Florida intervened extensively, most notably by supporting the Gullah Liberation Army (the core of which was the Afro-Virginian diaspora in Florida), allowing them to carve out an autonomous region (and de facto sphere of Floridian influence) within Virginia. However, the ruling party was left weakened by the war and eventually accepted free multi-party elections in 1987, beginning Florida's transition to democracy, which has been largely successful other than the constant issue of corruption. In recognition of this, Florida was admitted to the North American Community in 1994 - while it is one of the poorest members it is still wealthier than most Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. The free travel that has come along with this has allowed the Floridian tourism industry to flourish.

Worth noting are the Autonomous Nations in the northwest, whose sovereignty has been respected by the Floridian government in exchange for guarding the border (and for internal political support). They have a great deal of political autonomy (still sovereign while the other provinces are just administrative units) and influence (they have veto power over matters that affect them and tend to vote in blocs so politicians are eager to curry their favor), and remain culturally and linguistically distinct. However they also tend to lack in economic opportunity compared to the rest of the country, fueling internal migrations to tourist areas and major cities like San Agustin and Pensacola (between which the capital moved for decades before settling in its original location, the former).
The United American Provinces
The United American Provinces were formed as a merger of the colonies of New Netherland and New Sweden and the native Iroquois League, and as a continuation of the Dutch republican government of the United Provinces after it was replaced by a monarchy in Europe. In the following decades it became a powerhouse in industry and trade and also benefited from its long-standing alliance with Acadia. Today the UAP is one of the most populous and prosperous nations in North America (disproportionately to its geographic size), as well as one of the most diverse - in addition to the founding populations of Dutch, Swedish, and Iroquois (the UAP is of course officially trilingual), as a beacon for persecuted groups and other immigrants it has become home to large communities of Germans, Afro-Virginians, English Quakers, Sephardic Jews, Javans, Caribbean and South American creoles, and more - although while tolerance and multiculturalism are celebrated in flourishing cosmopolitan cities like Nieuw Amsterdam (financial center of North America), Bronstad (seat of the North American Community), and Kristina (continuing to assert itself as a hub of Swedish-language culture), a nationalist backlash is growing in the struggling interior regions, hit hard by deindustrialization and the decline of coal.

Apologies for my bad Dutch, worse Swedish, and non-existent Iroquois.
Arms of the United American Provinces
Continuing my reckless heraldry spree, here is yet another coat of arms from my Alternate North America, this time of the United American Provinces, combining the arms of the original United Provinces / Dutch Republic, of which it considers itself the successor, as well as the colonies of New Netherland and New Sweden as well as the Iroquois Confederacy from which it was formed. The New Netherland arms and the supporters are from the OTL seal/arms of New York City, and the crest is the Half-Moon, the ship that discovered New Netherland, which is the OTL state National Guard crest of New York. The griffin head, which together with the three crowns forms the arms of New Sweden, is the state National Guard crest of Delaware. Half-ass explanation for why it's on Swedish arms: one of the ships that founded New Sweden was the Fogel Grip (Griffin Bird) so griffins are a symbol of New Sweden, along with keys for the other ship, the Kalmar Nyckel (Key of Kalmar), except that I couldn't find any way to make keys look good. The Iroquois have tons of symbolism that would have made great arms if I had the technical skill to do it right, which I don't, so here we are with just the flag. Elements from Wikimedia Commons.
Arms of the Dominion of New England
For the second time in a row, here's heraldry from/inspired by/associated with my Alternate North America scenario, this time for New England as a British dominion and/or Commonwealth realm. Technically if it's from that scenario it should include arms for the Canadian Maritimes, but I didn't feel like it, so instead it just has the four original New England colonies (clockwise from top left): Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire (which doesn't actually have arms, so I put in a modified version of the arms of Old Hampshire instead); the pine in the middle represents New England as a whole, as do the pine leaves below (sorry for the jankiness of the writing, curving text in Paint.NET is not a skill that I particularly possess). Elements taken from Wikimedia Commons.


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